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Copper-Nickel Alloys supplier

About Jenish Steel

In a very short time, we have made remarkable progress. We have a decade of experience and a deep understanding of both the needs of our clients as well as the products that we sell. In 2014, i.e. In 2014, the company was established in New Delhi, India's business capital. It soon expanded its reach to other cities in India such as New Delhi and Ahmadabad. Jenish Steel is a company that understands Copper Nickel.

We have been able to achieve this through our systematic execution of work as well as dedication towards quality and commitment. Jenish Steel is more than just a metal recycler. Jenish Steel is a specialist manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of copper & copper-nickel-based alloys in many forms in semi-finished or finished condition. We are confident that no one can match our prices for quality material. We have a wide selection of products that has earned us a large number of highly regarded customers around the world.


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Why Jenish Steel?

Our systematic execution of work & dedication towards commitment and quality has brought us an .

What we do


Jenish Steel is a leading supplier & manufacturer of Nickel Alloy, Copper Alloy, Stainless Steel, Duplex Steel, Alloys Steel, Carbon Steel including Inconel, Monel, Titanium & Brass products that includes pipes, tubes, sheets, plates, coils, bars, flanges, fittings & other products.

Our Experience


With more than three decades of experience, Jenish Steel no doubt understands the industry in and out. Our experience allows us to be many steps ahead of our competitors and serve our customers with the best quality certified ferrous & non-ferrous products.

Quality Policy


Quality is an integral part of Jenish Steel business principles. Quality is the foundation of our company and is fully embedded in our processes. With precise quality inspection systems in place, we ensure that each product we deliver meets quality requirements.