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PVC Coated Copper Tube Suppliers

PVC Coated Copper Tube

Plastic Coated Copper Tube

Plastic Coated Copper Tube

15mm Pvc Coated Copper Tube

15mm Pvc Coated Copper Tube

Sunflex Metal are leading suppliers of PVC Coated Copper Tubes in coils and straight length with ARAI approved in India. PVC Coating is available i black, blue, white, red and yellow. These Plastic Coated Copper Tube is help them to protect from aggressive materials as well as the weather.

Plastic Coated Copper Tube Specifications

SpecificationsBS 1710: 2014, ASTM 88, EN1057
1/8”mm(3.2mm) OD to 1"(25.4mm)OD
In cut length from 2 mtr to 14 mtr
In continues length from 15 mtr to 1000 mtr
0 for soft coils H/HH for straight pipes
Instrumentation, Gas Lines, Gen Engineering CNG/LPG kit Industry, Refineries
0.5 mm to 2 mm
P.V.C Colour
Blue, Black , Yellow, White or any colour per customer choice
Extra resistance, prevents corrosion, enhances life span of tubes
  • Made in the India
  • Complies with applicable ASTM standards and are continuously marked with size, specification information, manufacturing code and footage every two feet
  • Polyethylene coating made from low density LDPE resin, is extruded at 0.0025\" minimum wall
    and contains UV inhibitors
  • Compatible with standard solder fittings, brazing techniques and compression fittings

Plastic Coated Copper Pipe Length and Diameter:

PVC Coated Tubes are produced in size:
1. Coil Form: Diameter: 4 mm to 22.22 mm Length: Max 30.48 mtr

Nature of Heat Insulator

TestUnitOnside of insulatorInside of insulator
Tensile StrengthN/mm[kg/cm²]31.5 10[3.2]29.5 10[3.0]
Compression strain%(25%)3.46
Water-absorbing capacityG/ m²0.0030.008
Conductivity factorW/(m k)[kcal/m²hm²]0.040[0.035]0.038[0.033]
Temperature of heat resisting 40~12040~120

d2 t2/ d1 t1
O.D. of the tube d1d2d3Thickness of Insulator T1 t2 t3 t4LengthMaterialWeight Pounds/feet
P23201/4-0.032 3/8-0.0321.02-0.87-1.890.35-0.230ft ~100ft00.233
P23301/4--0.032 1/2--0.0321.30-0.87-2.170.394-0.230ft ~ 100ft00.286
P24201/4-0.032 3/8-0.0391.42-0.87-2.290.394-0.230ft ~ 100ft00.390
P25201/4--0.032 5/8--0.0321.42-1.02-2.440.394-0.230ft ~ 100ft00.440
P36203/8--0.0329 3/4--0.0391.54-1.02-2.560.394-0.230ft ~ 100ft00.569
P46201/2--0.032 3/4-0.0391.54 1.30 2.84 0.394-0.230ft ~ 100ft00.629

PVC Copper Pipe Specifications:

  • 1. ASTM
  • 2. BS-EN
  • 3. Other similar standards

1. ASTM:C12200
2. BS:106

Plastic Coated Copper Pipes Inspection:
  • 1. Spectro Chemical Analysis
  • 2. Tensile Hardness
  • 3. Eddy Current
  • 4. Flattering
  • 5. Flaring
Plastic Coated Copper Tube Manufacturing Facilities:
  • 1. Redrawing
  • 2. Straightening
  • 3. Cut to length machine
  • 4. Deburring
  • 5. Bright Annealing
  • 6. PVC Coating
Pvc Coated Copper Tube Packing:

1. Polythene Bag, Corrugation Box & Resin cloth
2. Polythene Bag, Corrugation Sheet & Wooden Box

The straight lengths PVC Copper Tube are available in a range of sizes including 3, 5.8 and 6 metre lengths. Coils are in 20, 25 and 50 metre options.